Pit magazine is about cooking outside, over live fire. It’s about the smell of smoke in the air, the singed hairs on your fingers and the pink ring on a rack of ribs you cooked at the end of your garden. Pit explores the global traditions of cooking using age-old methods, from American BBQ to the Polynesian Imu fire pits, Jamaican jerk drums and mackerel grills lining the shores of the glittering Bosphorus in Istanbul.

This original form of cooking is increasingly popular, with new restaurants opening, major BBQ and music festivals selling out and artisan butchers springing up to sell high welfare cuts to a new generation.

With three issues across the warm months, Pit is the magazine for people who aspire to roast their Moroccan lamb on an open fire in spring, grill fresh fish on the beach in summer and smoke their Christmas turkey. Just don’t mention pulled pork.

Editor: Helen Graves

Helen is an award-winning freelance food writer and author of Food Stories, one of the UK’s first and most influential food blogs. Helen is the proud owner of four BBQs, and loves carbs, cats, crabs and kebabs. She has a strong physical reaction to bad pulled pork.


Art Director: Holly Catford

Holly’s been an editorial designer at leading design studio Esterson Associates for five years. Working on projects for The Sunday Times, The Oldie, History Today, Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag and Art Quarterly, she’s also art editor at the international review of graphic design, Eye and Fedrigoni’s Pulp magazine. Previously she art directed wine magazine Noble Rot.


Managing Editor: Doug Cowan

Doug’s first attempt at smoked meat resulted in a pork shoulder so burnt it numbed the mouth. Since then he’s got slightly better. By day, Doug works in digital communications and has worked in marketing for venues across London, including a year as an independent comedy promoter in Covent Garden.