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Pit delves deep into the world of live fire cooking and smoking. We explore the stories behind the restaurants, the people behind the recipes and the science behind the cooking.

We are niche but not boring. Pit is about having fun with food and celebrating the social aspect of BBQ. We run features ranging from the serious and technical e.g. ‘The Science of Smoke,’ to the Instant BBQ Challenge, which challenges a famous chef to cook their best dish using only disposable grills. We love what we do and think this comes across on the page.

We are inclusive. Pit is a BBQ magazine that celebrates the diversity of the genre. Many people consider BBQ to be just American ‘low and slow cooking’ or even ‘dude food’. We explore the culinary traditions of live fire cooking and smoking all over the world, among people from all backgrounds.

We combine high quality writing with great design. Pit presents food stories in a knowledgeable yet engaging and entertaining way thanks to a combination of bold design, thorough research and accessible writing style. Imagine your best mate giving you advice on grilling lamb chops over a beer rather than your dull home economics teacher.

Overall, Pit reflects the core values of the BBQ lifestyle: accessibility, diversity, generosity and FUN.  

Sending us your ideas


We are interested in untold and unconventional stories, or fresh and creative angles. We are flexible and give contributors the opportunity to play, have fun, and let their story run its natural course. Don’t feel you need to slot your story into a section of our magazine. Each story works afresh.

Send us your story idea, tell us about yourself and we will respond with details about rates, words and other important info.

Photographers and illustrators

Please send us a link to your portfolio.